To meet the needs of its standards development participants, with a focus on providing easy access and top-notch service, the IEEE Standards Association partnered with bivio to develop a new web-based standards balloting system and service, called myBallot(TM), using bOP. myBallot provides users with continuous access to a robust collection of IEEE standards balloting tools and information and provides users the ability to directly manage their ballot activities online. bivio was presented with a complete specification, and began coding. Within a few weeks, IEEE standards participants could create a ballot, enter comments and vote. Over the course of a few months, the application was extended to meet the specification and improved based on extensive user feedback.
We have worked side-by-side with Bivio for over a decade. Our staff and volunteers use the systems developed and operated by Bivio every day for tasks ranging from attendance management to voting on all IEEE standards. Our working groups meet around the world so our systems have to be operational 24/7. Bivio makes software that works. -- Bob LaBelle